Best Fun party board games for adults

Fun party board games for adults

If you’re looking for fun party board games for adults, there are plenty of options to choose from. Here are some recommendations for the best party games for adults:

Fun party board games for adults
Fun party board games for adults
  1. Codenames – A word-based party game that challenges players to give one-word clues to guess the right words. It’s a favorite among many adults for its strategic and social elements [1].
  2. Cards Against Humanity – Known for its irreverent and often hilarious content, this card game is a staple at adult gatherings. Players fill in the blanks of a sentence with outrageous phrases [1].
  3. Exploding Kittens – A card game where players work to avoid exploding kitten cards using various actions. It’s fast-paced and filled with surprises [1].
  4. Telestrations – A drawing and guessing game that often leads to comical misunderstandings. It’s perfect for a lighthearted evening with friends [2].
  5. What Do You Meme? – Similar to Cards Against Humanity, this game involves creating humorous captions for memes. It’s great for meme enthusiasts and those who love a good laugh [2].
  6. Pictionary – A classic drawing and guessing game that’s always a hit at parties. It’s simple to play and encourages creativity [3].
  7. Werewolf – A social deduction game where players take on the roles of villagers and werewolves, trying to uncover each other’s identities. It’s a fantastic game for larger groups [3].
  8. Dixit – A visually stunning game where players use abstract illustrations to tell stories and guess each other’s cards. It’s a game that sparks creativity and conversation [6].

These board games cater to different preferences and group sizes, so you can choose the ones that best suit your party’s atmosphere and the personalities of your guests. Remember that the key to a successful party game is not just the game itself but also the enjoyment and laughter it brings to everyone involved.

Best Fun party board games for adults

Board games are a staple of many friendly get-togethers and adult gatherings. They provide lighthearted entertainment while encouraging social interaction between friends. If you’re hosting a party and looking for engaging activities, board games are an easy choice. This article will explore eight popular board games that are perfect for adults. Each game promotes laughter and lively discussion in its own unique way.

Best Party Games for Adults


Codenames is a word association game for teams of any size. The objective is for spymasters to get their teammates to guess secret “codename” words by providing one-word clues. The Codenames board consists of a grid of randomly arranged words from different categories like colors, animals, names, etc. Spymasters take turns giving clues attempting to guide their team to correctly guess words on their side while avoiding the opposing team’s words which could trigger an “assassin”.

It’s a strategic yet social game that challenges codebreaking abilities. Players must think creatively to deduce connections between words from limited clues. Codenames encourage lively discussions as teams debate potential meanings. Its fun word puzzles make it a top choice for parties with friends who enjoy word games and quick thinking.

Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity is an outrageously inappropriate party staple. Players are dealt hand cards containing shocking and absurd phrases and each turn one player plays the “Card Czar” by drawing a black question card. Other players then submit answer cards attempting to complete the question or prompt in the most offensive yet hilarious way possible.

As Card Czar, they select their favorite response, awarding the player who played it. The game continuously pushes boundaries in comedic ways that foster raucous laughter among willing adult audiences. It thrives on taboo humor so sensitivity to offensive content is important. However, Cards Against Humanity is a favorite icebreaker that livens up any party by bringing attendees together through shared comfort in risqué jokes. Just be aware some may find it too crude.

Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens combines cute artwork with a fast-paced game involving strategy and risk. Players take turns drawing cards aiming to avoid the Exploding Kitten cards that eliminate them. Various action cards can be played to divert, avoid, or dismiss kitten cards providing ways to manipulate fate. Games are quick, usually lasting around 15 minutes, ensuring constant action and surprises.

Exploding Kittens encourages cutthroat and devious gameplay as players attempt to maneuver each other into drawing perilous kittens. Its short rounds make it perfect for parties with numerous groups playing simultaneously or for guests with short attention spans. The lighthearted theme and colorful art style. balances its competitive nature, ensuring fun for all ages and personalities. Exploding Kittens offers a more family-friendly option compared to crude humor games.


Telestrations brings drawing and charades together in an entertaining game of telephone pictionary. Players are each dealt cards showing a word and begin by writing the clue down then passing their papers to the next player who must attempt to draw what they think the previous clue depicted without looking at the original word.

Papers continue circulating through the group with each drawing built upon the previous misinterpretation until returning to the starting player who has to guess the word from the final sketch – often a comical mess far removed from its beginnings. Telestrations encourage hysterical guesses as drawings are skewed farther from clues. It’s a perfect lighthearted choice to get the conversation flowing at mixed company gatherings.

Participants from all skill levels can appreciate the absurdity of final artworks deviating wildly from initial words. Telestrations foster fun misunderstandings and lively debatesAnalyzingFinalArtworks.

What Do You Meme?

As a party game centered around memes and photo captions, What Do You Meme? appeals primarily to millennials and meme enthusiasts. Players are dealt hands of caption cards and photo cards are laid out in the center. One player picks a photo card and all submit humorous captions from their hands attempting to get votes.

Players vote on the best pairing while exploring hilarity in imagery. The game allows participants to creatively reimagine popular memes in comedic ways. It’s a laidback, imaginative option for showcasing meme knowledge among peer groups comfortable with internet culture references. Players can enjoy assessing photography and captions together while reminiscing on viral content. However, those unfamiliar with niche memes may feel left out of inside jokes. Best for parties of similar-aged digital natives eager for meme-inspired entertainment and nostalgia.


Classic party favorite Pictionary is a charades-style drawing and guessing game that never gets old. Players are split into two teams competing to correctly identify titles drawn by teammates within a time limit. Artists must convey clues through basic scribbles without using words while their team attempts to decode cryptic sketches before rivals. Pictionary brings people together through lively interpretations and debate over symbolic drawings.

Players of varying artistry can appreciate participating and discoveries through creative analysis. Its simplistic nature means understanding nuanced techniques is unnecessary, allowing everyone to engage competitively regardless of abilities. Pictionary provides effortless entertainment perfect for mixed gatherings where inclusive party games spark mingling between all personality types and ages through collaborative guesses. Though a staple for decades, its intuitive design still stimulates positive competition and conversation.


Werewolf excellently captures elements of suspenseful drama within a party board game. Players are secretly assigned roles of either villagers or werewolves and then attempt to deduce identities at night by eliminating targets. Werewolf emphasizes the sociological aspects of inferring truth from deception as characters navigate uncertainty over allegiances. Players bring characters to life through compelling arguments and leads, maintaining suspense until they reach definitive conclusions.

Its premise of survival through deductions entertains more cerebral crowds seeking strategic social challenges beyond lighthearted activities. Werewolf benefits larger groups and fosters gregarious discussion better than passive formats where some observe disengaged. Despite darker themes, positive reception stems from empowering analytical abilities to uncover hidden roles shrouded in mystery.


Dixit offers a more imaginative option elevating traditional storytelling games. Players are dealt beautiful, surreal image cards and take turns being the storyteller by providing a clue for their card which others try to deduce from options in hand. Clues aim to indicate the right image without making the connection too obvious. Players vote for the image they believe matches each prompt best.

Dixit stimulates creativity through symbolic storytelling between rounds. Its stunning hand-drawn art sparks visual interpretations encouraging out-of-the-box thinking. Dixit cultivates an appreciation for abstract connections and nuanced perspectives on surreality. Its hypnotic quality highlights uniqueness in perspectives regardless of typical logic. The game charms through discoveries in reimagining perceptions, ideal for free-spirited crowds stimulating originality over competitive outcomes.


These eight board games embody the positive socializing party games can facilitate for adults. Offering diverse mechanics and themes, each option inspires interaction through collaborative problem-solving, imaginative storytelling, or strategic deductions customized for various attendee interests and group dynamics.

The right party games foster enjoyable mingling and inside jokes among friends through stimulating discussion and discovery. Considering game styles that complement attendees ensures activities seamlessly enhance the event’s atmosphere and continuously engage all personalities present. Implementing inclusive party games provides effortless icebreakers connecting diverse crowds through shared positive experiences.

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