Gold UNO Cards & UNO Premium Cards


For serious Uno collectors and players who want to elevate their game, Mattel offers luxurious Gold and Premium edition cards. Uno created these cards with luxury designs and materials like the cards shown in the image below.

Gold UNO Cards & UNO Premium Cards
Gold UNO Cards & UNO Premium Cards

Gold UNO Cards

The iconic Uno cards are reimagined in premium gold foil with these exclusive cards. Each number and action is embellished in shimmering gold ink on a black matte background. An elegant gold storage tin keeps the 108-card deck secure in style.

This decadent edition brings an aura of luxury to any game. Players will feel like royalty drawing from such an extravagant deck! The gold cards also make a dazzling display piece for collectors.

Golden UNO cards are a special edition of the popular UNO card game. They are part of the 50th Anniversary celebration of UNO. These cards feature a unique design and may come with special features or collectible items. Here are some sources where you can find information about gold UNO cards:

  • Twitter – VeeFriends shared insights into UNO decks, potentially including gold UNO cards.
  • Amazon offers the Mattel Games UNO Premium 50th Anniversary Edition, which likely includes gold-themed cards.
  • Walmart provides UNO Card Game for Kids and adults, and Game Night, featuring special wild cards and an Anniversary Gold Coin.
  • eBay offers UNO Premium 50th Anniversary Golden Edition Cards, likely gold-themed UNO cards.
  • Target has the Mattel Uno Premium 50th Anniversary Edition Matching Card Game, which may contain gold UNO cards.
  • Toy Dip offers Uno Premium 50th Anniversary Edition Matching Card Game, likely featuring gold-themed cards.

These golden UNO cards are often collector’s items designed to commemorate the game’s milestone anniversary, making them a unique addition to any UNO card collection.

UNO Premium Cards

Premium Uno cards refer to a special edition of the popular card game UNO that was released in celebration of its 50th anniversary. This edition features unique elements and collectible aspects that set it apart from the standard UNO game. Here are some key details about UNO Premium cards:

  1. Special Edition: The UNO Premium 50th Anniversary Edition is a special release by Mattel Games to commemorate 50 years of UNO’s existence. It offers a premium experience for fans and collectors.
  2. Unique Design: These cards often come with unique and commemorative designs, which may include special artwork, finishes, or packaging to make them stand out.
  3. Collectors’ Item: UNO Premium cards are often considered collectors’ items due to their limited availability and special features. Collectors may appreciate them for their rarity and unique aesthetics.
  4. Availability: You can find UNO Premium 50th Anniversary Edition cards on various online retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and Target, as well as the official Mattel website.

Taking luxury to the next level, the Premium set treats players to the finest faux leather. Its portable case unfolds like a designer book into four elegant game panels. Embossed Uno logos and a high-quality card stock finish this deck.

A sleek metallic number dial and scorepad complete the indulgent experience. This is Uno transformed into a premium tabletop game befitting only the most discerning players.


If you want your Uno games to feel as luxurious as playing with real gold and leather, the Gold UNO Cards and UNO Premium Cards sets are for you. Their exquisite designs and premium materials exude opulence from the second you open the packaging. For serious collectors or those who only settle for the finest in games, these elevated Uno editions are worth every penny.


Where can I purchase the luxury Uno card sets?

Both Gold UNO Cards and UNO Premium Cards are available on Mattel’s website or through specialty game and toy retailers.

Are the cards still playable, or just for display?

Absolutely while they’re made from luxury materials, the cards still function exactly like traditional Uno decks and are fully playable. The game mechanics aren’t altered at all.

How do the prices compare to standard Uno?

A: Gold UNO Cards usually retail for around $25, while UNO Premium Cards range from $50-75 depending on where you purchase. So they do carry a higher price tag than standard Uno’s $8-10 cost. But for aficionados, it’s worth it!

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